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BoostEdge Atlas


BoostEdge Enterprise Edition © is an ADC (Application Delivery Controller) which makes applications run faster, decreases bandwidth needs, ensures application availability, protects servers and data and fulfils every needs of corporate application deployment.

BoostEdge Atlas

Faster Page Rendition, Quicker Response Time
The compression, the various content-aware optimizations and many other connection management techniques achieve up to 75% of bandwidth saving and improve the user quality of experience.
Dedicated mobile optimization profiles
A dedicated mobile optimization profile decreases roaming fees enables actual mobile access on any wireless network, Edge, UMTS, LTE (2G, 3G, 4G) as well as Wifi and Wimax and supports any browsers on any devices (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, ...) and any OSs (Windows, Linux, Android, ...)
Insured applications availability
The L.7 load-balancer coupled with the Deep Application Health check insure the application availability and display a sorry page when the whole application platform is down.
Servers protection and security.
The Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects the servers and the applications against malicious request and intrusions
Robust data encryption
The up to date SSL/TLS cipher suite ensures an unbreakable traffic encryption and thus protect your sensible data DynaFlex ® Integration and deployment tools
The ultra fine request handling policy, the dynamic content adaptation, the URL rewriting and the scriptable configuration make complex integration easy and manageable.
Clientless solutions
No needs to deploy any client software neither on desktops nor devices
Transparent no foot print in-line insertion

Thanks to its unique IP-transparent inline insertion, BoostEdge Atlas can be deployed in less than two hours without footprint in the network and application platform.

Available on VMWare

BoostEdge Enterprise Edition © is available for VMware as a single OVA file. It can be freely downloaded and used to install as many instance as needed.

This makes it possible to deploy a BoostEdge surrogate in front of each application (one BoostEdge per application). Therefore, this keeps it simple and will change the life of the engineers in charge application delivery.

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