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Medicare is a hospital information system dedicated to the management of patient records , planning of the activity of the health establishment and management of clinical practitioners and professional activity .


Administrative patient and medical records

  • Patient management identities
  • Advanced search engine results including phonetically close
  • Management stays
  • Home clinic: admission and discharge of patients
  • Create Folders by Vitale
  • Managing file duplicates:
    • Fusion selective file
    • Selective melting of stays
    • Re-allocation of stays
  • Generation models based documents: admission sheet, consents, fact sheets, order
  • Electronic document management, all formats (images, PDF, ...), with multi-viewer
  • Managing history, allergies
  • Annotation systems and alerting shared between health professionals and the establishment of staff

Activity of the health facility

  •  Planning admissions / patient outings to home
  • Operating Room Management
    • scheduling practitioners intervention beaches
    • real-time monitoring of the progress of programs since the block and hospitalization services
    • coding of acts and diagnoses directly indoors by practitioners
  • Planning hospitalization
  • Allocation of beds
  • Movements in services
  • Optimization
  • Alert system (over-booking, septic conflict ...)

    File care and medication circuit

  •         Electronic prescribing (medicines, care, specialist consultation, medical devices, implantable medical devices) configurable by care protocols
  • Management and monitoring of targeted transmissions
  • Tracking medical observations
  • Changes in constant bedside
  • Validation of care and medication administration by staff
  • Coding of acts and diagnoses the patient's bedside
  • Complete management of the pharmacy, inventory, orders and therapeutic booklet
  • Complete traceability of medicines, DMI, DM and blood derivatives

Professional activity

  • Making appointments for consultations
  • Managing medical consultations, surgical,
  • Antecedents, treatment, addictions, Diagnostics
  • Reasons, examinations, observations, treatmen
  • Management of pre-anesthetic consultation
    • Clinical examination
    • Intubating conditions, oral health status
    • Anesthesia Information
    • Possum score, NYHA classification, GHI score
  • Integration of remote transmission ESF
  • Automated production mail, prescription orders, based on models
  • Weekly and daily dashboards
  • Accounting of liberal activity
  • Track payments
  • Activity reports
  • Medical office management accounting (type SELARL / SCM)

Clinical activity

  •  Electronic card-based admission protocols
  • Operations planning range
  • Operating theater schedule
  • Direct encoding of CCAM acts in room during surgery
  • Automated production account reports of intervention, based on models
  • Management of anesthesia record


  • Secure access
  • Multi-institutional management
  • User management by firm / function
  • Advanced Administration of rights and user permissions
  • Traceability of actions performed in the system: by historical object per user

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