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GEDOC is a solution of EDM (Electronic Data Management) tool and ECM (Enterprise Content Management or enterprise content management) constructed from the open source ECM's core Alfresco.

It is a mature tool proven electronic document management, collaborative working and archive workflow and finally mail management. It is an effective solution offering the management capabilities of digital documents and paper. It is designed to adapt to information systems and organizations preexisting policies.

GEDOC used to organize business documents and control their large stock Reducing the paper difficult to manage

  • The automation of the life cycle of documents and processes
  • The centralization and classification of documents in repositories
  • The ease of adoption of collaborative work
  • The archiving documents so securing corporate data
  • A rapid return on investment
  • Effective management of paper and electronic documents
  • Evolution, their classification, transmission or distribution, archiving, destruction, and anytime you can search them for consultation or action.
  • The easy and rapid dissemination of document in intra and outside

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