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mChoice™ Rewards for Banks


mChoice™ Rewards for Banks is a total solution for customer centric analytics and loyalty management for the banking industry allowing to create and implement a variety of promotional and campaigns explicitly tailor made to a specific target segment.

mChoice™ Rewards for Banks

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

A flexible platform with easy-to-use design and simple GUIs allowing creation of effective reward campaigns in minutes

Customer Profiling
Customer Profiling

Identifies right customers by segmenting based on transaction and behavioral patterns, life styles, commercial affiliations and many more

Tailor made campaigns
Tailor made campaigns

Enables intelligent campaign creation targeting a specific customer segment to gain maximum loyalty and customer value


Promotional Campaign Rewarding

mChoice Rewards provides a comprehensive, user-friendly loyalty campaign management system that addresses all challenges real time with personalized campaign creation for the banking industry. With mChoice Rewards now you have the ability to build on a loyal customer base and improve the unutilized resources of your bank and get the maximum return for your investment enabling marketing departments to cut down on total marketing costs by designing customized programs with the option to test different offers, channels and notifications.

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